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Having girl problems? Boy problems? Family and friends have you confused and abused? Ask LeeLee what to do. She knows EVERYTHING! 


Hello fellow ninjas. I am so proud to be here with the Tanjun Ryu. These guys know how to rock and this site with all of it's ninja wisdom and lore rules. But something has been missing. While NinBob has done an excellent job of answering important ninja questions regarding such things as ninjas vs shaolins, how to fight tigers, or why God lets people live, there has been no attention to important relationship issues faced by ninjas. That's where I come in. Sometimes it helps to get a woman's point of view. Sometimes it helps to get a ninja's point of view. Get both and you just can't lose! So send your questions to me here at the Tanjun Ryu and let's turn your meaningless, chaotic life around.

Dear Lee,
I have been living the ninja lifestyle for over a year now and it has been such a positive influence on my life. The problem is my new girlfriend. She doesn't understand the ninja way and is not very supportive of my training (mastering throwing stars and moving stealthily takes time!) and doesn't approve of my ninja friends. She wants me to give it up. It's starting to wear on our relationship. What should I do?
Discouraged Ninja
Tucson, AZ
Dear Discouraged,
This is a common problem when introducing new people into your life, especially those not familiar with the ninja way. There are two ways to go about this. The first is to try to involve your girlfriend. Get her to help you in your training. For example, she can help your stealth skills by acting as a sort of sentry in mission scenarios. You can try to sneak by her without her hearing or seeing you or maybe neautralize her to get to your target. Maybe she would enjoy helping you master your ninja combat moves (safely, of course) or she can hold boards and bricks for your breaking exercises. Make a game of it and she just might get into it. Surprise her with her own ninja suit and gear and before you know it, you just might have a ninja girlfriend. At least you'll have matching costumes to spice up your love life. There's nothing like a little dangerous assassin mission role play to add a little excitement to things.
If this doesn't work out and she's genuinely resistant to the ninja lifestyle, you have little choice but to maintain secrecy about your status as a ninja. I know it's more fun to share your life's interests with a loved one, bear in mind that ninjas have always been mysterious and secretive anyway so consider it something of a challenge and even part of your training to maintain your dual identity of ordinary citizen and awesome shadow warrior. I hope this helps and things work out for you. Good luck!  

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