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HOLY CRAP! Free Stuff!

We Have a Wiener!!!
Monthly Contest Winner News

April's Winner
James Kent of St Paul, Minnesota is the winner of our Best Fan Mail award for the month of April. His uplifting story of how the power of Ninjutsu saved his life had us all standing and cheering. Congratulations, James. You have won:


Lego Ninjas!! This awesome set of 5 ninja and samurai figures will allow James to recreate epic historical battles or map out complex ninja missions. Thanks, James! Hope you enjoy this SWEET prize!

Tha Tanjun Ryu Awards First Best Fan Mail Award

As all of our loyal ninjas know, our monthly Best Fan Mail Award is the subject of much suspense and anticipation amongst the masses the world over. For good reason. The competition is fierce and the competitors are intensely focused and... well... a little unstable upstairs. We here at the Super Secret Tanjun Ryu Compound spent long hours debating this month's winner. It wouldn't have taken so long but we're constantly distracted by hot chicks. Hot chicks dig ninjas. Anywayzzzz, we'll get right to it. Our FIRST EVER Best Fan Mail Award winner is........

Adam Syarto, pictured at right, accepts his Tanjun Ryu Certificate of Ninjafication with great pride. "I will cherish this day til I die" said Mr Syarto with a tear in his eye. "I have something to live for now!"
Disclaimer: Due to Mr. Syarto's busy schedule and, well, non-cooperation, picture above is a simulated artist's depiction of Mr. Syarto accepting award. Quote is also simulated. Well, you know, now that he's a ninja and all, he has to protect his identity. I mean, we HAD to have a picture. It looks just like him, or so claims our ninja artist who is trained to use complex profile analysis and ninja intuition to create stunning likenesses of people he has never seen before.

Adam Syarto!!!!!
a.k.a. japanlover on various message boards.
Yes, Mr. "I Have Nothing Else to Do With My Life But Write Daily Emails to Ninjas" is now somebody! His unwavering loyalty and devotion has earned him a special prize:
Yes, Mr. Syarto has earned the most coveted of the Earth's honors- A lifetime membership in the world's most exclusive and super-secret ninja organization. Now at long last, with the help of his newfound status as a genuine NINJA, he may soon get to touch a REAL GIRL! Congratulations, Mr. Syarto! You are at long last...
 Wish we could be there to see the look on your face!



OK- We're slacking here, I know. Since that Brit Savant won our last contest, we've been scheming to come up with a new one. So far we've only gotten a couple of lame-o ideas from NinPete (an air-guitar showdown) and NinBob (winner is whoever sends NinBob the most cash) but we're working on it. Stay tuned!

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