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Ninja Skills
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Here you will see photos of actual ninjas practicing their SWEET skills. Just remember a couple of VERY IMPORTANT things- These are trained ninjas and these techniques are super-secret and dangerous. DO NOT attempt them on your own.



Here is a skill few mortals will ever obtain- using TWO weapons simutaneously. Our #1 Ninja NinBob demonstrates this dangerous skill with the traditional numchuck and sword ninja kata.


Give up? Do not be ashamed. Ninjas are masters of invisibility! Click on each picture to reveal the hidden ninja!


Here NinGeorge, weapon in hand, deftly scales the training wall with the agility of a spider!


Ninjas use their awesome skills in even the most mundane of daily tasks. Here we see Tanjun Member Ryuji shopping for produce. Note that while he is choosing an apple for purchase, he is also using the fruit's reflective wax coating to check for trouble behind him. 


Note NinBob's SWEET ninja kicks as he deftly wields the numchucks and sword in a blinding storm of destruction. This kind of skill can only come from years of discipline, dedication and proper training.
There is a ninja cleverly camoflauged in each of the two pictures below. Can you find them?


This one is even harder. Can you see the stealthy assassin??



Everyone knows that the Ninja Kick is the most devastating kick in all of martial arts! Anyone who gets ninja kicked STAYS KICKED. Here we see Ningeorge (above) execute the Wikked Wig Splitta High Kick.


Ryuji's alertness and awesome ninja reflexes save his life! Spotting the mafia hit man sneaking up on him, he whips out his salami and thrashes him but good! Remember, to a skilled ninja, everything is a weapon- EVEN HIS SALAMI!!


Super Grandmaster NinBob demonstrates the flying ninja kick. This AWESOME kick is too fast for the camera to capture! REMEMBER KIDDIES- This is a MASTER LEVEL technique that takes YEARS to learn. It should not be attempted by novices without proper training and supervision by a master ninja. Otherwise you risk injuries, split pants and pulled nads!

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