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Stop being such a wuss nobody! Be a NINJA! 

For a limited time we are making new memberships available to gaijins everywhere! Join the most super-secret, most elite Ninja clan in the world. Join Tanjun Ryu!
Have you ever wanted to be a real honest-to-gosh NINJA? Have you ever dreamed of being able to move through crowds invisibly or somersault over someone's head while delivering a sweet DEATH TOUCH? Well here's your FIRST STEP towards making that dream a reality! JOIN THE TANJUN RYU!
Here's How
To pay by paypal or with credit card, simply click the BUY NOW button on the bottom right section of this page and fill in your info. Your kit will ship within 24 hours!


Ninja Nunchakus!
Get these extra-super-SWEET ninja training nunchakus to practice your skills safely. Each full-sized 12-inch club is foam-covered for safety. Hey- there's nothing worse than getting a set of bashed nads when trying to impress the honeys!
ONLY $6.99!! (MEMBER PRICE $5.00)

$5.99 plus $2.00 shipping (non-members)

$5.00 and FREE SHIPPING (members ONLY)

"My ninjas! Ever since I got my Certificate of Ninjafication, my life has been a ROCKIN' PARTY! As soon as the chicks spot my Certificate, they're all up ons! Thanks Tanjun Ryu!"
B. Sayers, Waco TX


Get your Certificate of Ninjafication when you join the Tanjun Ryu! Printed on heavy parchment and ready for framing, this baby will get you all kinds of props from the ladies!

  • A SWEET Certificate of membership to hang on your wall at the home or office, even on your school locker door. Let EVERYONE know you are an OFFICIAL ninja killing machine!
  • An OFFICIAL Tanjun Ryu Membership card. Flash this baby and get HOT CHICKS all up ons! Identify yourself to fellow members or scare off bullies! 
  • A PERSONALLY AUTOGRAPHED photo of Master Bill Williamson, founder of the Tanjun Ryu.
  • A SUPER SWEET ninja mask! Don this awesome mask, throw on a black tee shirt and sweatpants and you're a shadow warrior on a mission!
  • Your name in the OFFICIAL Ninja Clan history
  • Discounts on Tanjun Ryu tee shirts, ninja gear, and other merchandise

All members also have the option of having their picture on the Tanjun Ryu web site. All of this can be yours for a measly TEN BUCKS! Don't sit around being a NOBODY any longer! Send your enrollment TODAY and join the world's SWEETEST super-secret organization!

$10.00 Click here and JOIN NOW!

NOTICE: This offer will be in effect throughout February '06, after which it will be removed. Act now or miss out.
For a LIMITED TIME we are making our coveted Certificate of Ninjafication (shown above) available to all ninjas everywhere! At long last proof and validation of your God-given ninjaness is within reach! A paltry $3 gets you this fine parchment document suitable for framing ore even folding and stuffing in your wallet. Each authentic Tanjun Ryu Certificate of Ninjafication is personally signed by chief instructor Meijin Supergrandmaster Robert Roberts, a.k.a. NinBob. Don't let another day go by without being oficially ninjafied. Get your certificate NOW!

Official Certificate of Ninjafication: $3.00

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