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Official Tanjun Ryu Merchandise



Ninja Gear

Ninja Shoge Hook $19.99

Ninja Shoge Hook: $19.99 plus $2 shipping


Shinobi Shozoku (Ninja Uniform).
OK, you've gotten by with that black karate gi and ski mask long enough. Time to get a real Shinobi Shozoku. This top-quality 100% cotton uniform set consists of hood and mask set, special trousers with double waist ties plus additional ties at the knees and ankles. The jacket features gauntlets on the sleeves to cover the hands and forearms. It also has a hidden shuriken pocket. Sais and ninja not included. Get our cool ninja tabi boots (sold seperately) to complete the authentic look like Master NinBill above. Specify size: Small (fits 5'3", 120lbs) Medium (fits 5'7" 150lbs) Large (fits 5'11" 180lbs) X-Large (fits 6'2" 220lbs) or XX-Large (fits 6'4" 250 lbs... dang. U be a big ninja.). Sizes are approximate so if you are slightly over specs, it's better to order a little large than a little small.
Ninja Shinobi Shozoku: $39.00 plus $3 shipping (Non-members) 

Non-members click here to purchase

SPECIAL MEMBER PRICE: $35.00 with FREE shipping.

Members click here to purchase

The Tanjun Ryu Store is Open!
Proudly show your ninja pride on a variety of cool Tanjun Ryu tees now available in our new online store. The SHHHH! I'm a Ninja tee is now available in THREE styles.
We have just added a cool NINJAFIED!!! Muscle shirt to the lineup. Slip this baby on, go to the local mall and start flexin. The babes will be all up ons!
There's also a new ball cap, several new tees and some hot items for the ladies. Visit our online store and check 'em out. 

Click Here to Enter Apparel Store



Get these extra-super-SWEET ninja training nunchakus to practice your skills safely. Each full-sized 12-inch club is foam-covered for safety. Hey- there's nothing worse than getting a set of bashed nads when trying to impress the honeys!
ONLY $6.99!! (MEMBER PRICE $5.00) plus $2 shipping.

Ninja Chucks $5.99 plus $2 shipping (non-members)

Ninja Chuks Members price: $5.00 & FREE shipping


Ninja-to Training Sword
PERFECT for ninja sword training or cosplay! This 34" long, Stained black hardwood sword is styled to safely mimic the unique straight blade of the ninja-to. Includes 2 piece handguard. $7.99 plus $2.00 shipping (non-members).

Ninja-To (Non-Members) $7.99 plus $2 shipping

Ninja-To Special Members price $7.00 with FREE shipping.

NovHot_Personalized Tees

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