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First of all, let me welcome you to our page. Please allow me to explain some of our art to you so you will have an understanding of what to expect.
If you don't know what a ninja is, you must have been living in a cave all of your life. In which case I must congratulate you on your new-found computer skills. But I digress. We are the Tanjun Ryu, a super-secret ninja organization.Our goal is to promote a healthy ninja lifestyle. If you've ever wanted to be a super-cool shadow warrior, you've come to the right place. Browse our many pages of ninja lore and wisdom and begin your amazing journey into the amazing world of the ninja!!!

To All First-Time Visitors
Congratulations! You have successfully navigated the vast internet labrynth and found your way to the ultimate Ninja site! I know what you're thinking (I really do! Ninjas can read minds!). You're thinking "I want to be a ninja too!". Well, you can! The Tanjun Ryu is accepting new members now! But be warned! The perils of a ninja's life are many. There will be long nights of slinking through shadows, kicking butt, and doing lots of somersaults over people's heads. The rewards are many, the best being chicks. Chicks dig ninjas. So if you want to be a Tanjun-Ryu ninja, check out the "Join Us" page for info. You'll get lots of cool stuff. And boy will your friends be JEALOUS! Click the "Join Now" link on the contents bar and find out how YOU, a mere lowly gaijin, can become a Tanjun Ryu ninja!!!


NEW Ninja Forum!
Here's your chance to not only mouth off to us, but to each other as well! The OFFICIAL Tanjun Ninja Message Board is now open!

Click Here to Go There

We have a new site address! We are now at www.webeninjas.com. Write it down and pass it on!
As you frequent visitors ( like our most loyal fan Adam ) might notice, our site is growing by leaps and bounds. New fan mail is pouring in and we've added a few pages. Be sure to check out NinBob's new Q&A Advice page. He's very proud of it so it wouldn't hurt you to take a look at it now and again. You might learn something.
We now have a shameless commerce department working hard to provide you with quality ninja gear. Check out our line of tees and ninja gear which will continue to grow in the coming weeks.
More is on the way so stay tuned!

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Welcome To the Ryu!


Grand Super Master Bill Williamson
Founder of Tanjun Ryu
Greetings! I am NinBob, Chief Instructor of the Tanjun Ryu. I am happy that fate has crossed our paths. You are here not by chance. Some force has guided you here- perhaps to fulfill your destiny as a ninja, perhaps to simply grant you ninja wisdom to help you through life. Whatever the case, I welcome you. Regardless of your age, gender, size, shape or smell, the Tanjun Ryu is here for you. That rhymed. Cool!
Why Ninjitsu?
If you even have to ask that question, you need your head examined. I mean, ninjas are the awesomest, most coolest beings in the universe. Everyone knows ninjas rule. Chicks dig 'em, they can do superhuman feats, they can destroy ANYONE in a fight. In short, only a total MORON wouldn't want to be a ninja. That's where we come in. We offer stupidly affordable memberships and ninja certification. Now YOU can be a NINJA! Join now and realize every lowly mortal's dream as an elite, stealthy fighting machine. Best of all, you have the Tanjun Ryu right here to help you enjoy a happy, healthy ninja lifestyle. So what are you waiting for? Stop being a nothing an hating yourself! Join now!
Now peruse our great web site and begin your awesome ninja journey. Enjoy your visit and come back often. If our site saves your life or gives it new meaning, write us and let us know. We often award the BEST letters of praise and worship a special Tanjun Ryu prize. It might be crap, it might be SWEET, but it'll be a prize nonetheless. Go to the "Contact" page for our email info.
We will be adding new photos and articles throughout the coming weeks. We've got some pretty exciting stuff planned. Don't miss it!  
Best Regards,


Chief Instructor
Tanjun Ryu

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