Tanjun-Ryu Ninjutsu

Super-Secret Ninja Organization

First of all, let me welcome you to our page. Please allow me to explain some of our art to you so you will have an understanding of what to expect.
If you don't know what a ninja is, you must have been living in a cave all of your life. In which case I must congratulate you on your new-found computer skills. But I digress. Ninjas are super-cool warrior guys who can kick butt and are extra-skilled at hiding and doing somersaults and climbing things. But mostly they're great at kicking butt. If you're ever in a situation that requires that you fight a ninja, RUN! That ninja will tear you a new one in two seconds. Anyways, that's us, a super-secret ninja organization. To visit our super-secret web site, click "ENTER" below and begin your amazing journey!!!


Bridal Veil Falls, OR